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Alcohol spending calculator

Ever worked out how much you spend on alcohol?
Could you have bought a new outfit, a holiday or even a car?
Be honest and use this calculator to find out how much you spend, you might be surprised at how it mounts up in a week, a month or, a year.


Based on the information given, your average expenditure would be…

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Alcohol calorie calculator

Did you know that 4 alcopops has the same calories as 4.5 burgers and would take 132 minutes of running to burn off?
How many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drinks?
Use this calculator to find out how many calories you drink on a night out





Distilled Spirits 
(80% proof)









Find out if you're drinking too much ...

Talk to someone about your drinking ...

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Drinking more than you think?

To get a clearer idea of the potential impact of your drinking, answer the questions below and follow the scoring for advice.

How often do you have an alcoholic drink?
How many units of alcohol do you consume on a typical day when you are drinking?
How often do you consume six or more units on 1 occasion?

Based on the information given…



The score indicates that you are a low risk drinker. This means you are less likely to develop an alcohol related illness in the future.


More than you thought?

The score indicates that you are at risk and continuing to drink at this level could cause serious alcohol related illness. Have you thought about cutting down a bit?

Read our top tips to reduce your alcohol intake.


Worried about your drinking?

The score indicates that you are a high risk drinker and continuing to drink at this level could cause serious alcohol related illness.

Read our top tips or call us on 01224 594700 if you are worried.

Top Tips


Know your strengths

Not all brands are the same strength - switch to a lower alcohol alternative. Make spirits into long drinks by adding mixers. Add soda water to wine or drink shandy instead of beer.


Watch your measures

Drinks poured at home, at parties and in many foreign bars are often larger than standard UK pub measures. If you drink at home, consider investing in a set of measures. Avoid "topping up" so you can keep track.

Stop Watch

Slow down, pace yourself

Sip, don't gulp! If you're really thirsty, take a soft drink or water. Use soft drink "spacers" when you're out, take a soft drink between alcoholic ones and drink less booze during the evening.


Know how to refuse a drink

Decide for yourself when and how much you want to drink. Some people can be offended if you turn down a drink - that's their problem. If you've had enough, insist on a soft drink. If it's your round, get yourself a glass of something alcohol-free.


Eat before and while you drink

Food makes the body absorb alcohol more slowly and so limits how quickly it gets into the bloodstream.

Piggy Bank

Drink to a budget

Take a limited amount of cash out with you - no more than you need to stay sober, in control and get a taxi home.

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